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us time to g - actually look at into what appened." (ryddll) "drr mccaskill did nottattendd toddy's ppotest but her attorney is here nd he's told protesters that he's hoping to set up a meeting with his president with hopessof having her re-instaaedd in washington, jjhn rydell, fox45 news at 5:30." coach... is ccarged... with... ooe f his students... decades agoo ago. 63-year-old... richard curl... turned himself in yesterday...////.police say a woman came forward in augustt ccusing curl of ccild..he alleged victim, now she was 13 and continued for 5 years.she told police thee abuse occurree at his hhme and at the swimming facilities at tte georgetown preparatory 3 a u-s sailor is murdered just hours aater arriving home. detectives sayy tis was an feet from wherehis family lived in southhbaltimmre. today detectives canvassed the neighborhood assing out flierssin hopes it might help with leads in the case. the mother of 22 yearroll alonzo gladden told crime and justice reporter joy lepola... that &pher son had been in town for just a few hours efore his member in the united
of phoenix road and countt. flooddng has made he intersectionnimpaasable. and thissphoto was sent tt us by cindy in edgemere... it as lane .... you cannsee the waaer level is so high.... the pier s almost entirely under w. water.... show uu what ittlloks like in shoot it.. senn it. foxbaatimorr dot com and click on the "see it, shoot it, send it icon. you can also send photos directly from youu some balttmmor coonny -3&33 residents are couuting their if their homes are livable. livable.janice park.../ is... at.../ in... glen arm...// and... ttlls us... about a close man. robeet mcclary is 89 years old 50 years.he's lived thru agnes irene isabel in this house he says this is by far worst the damage. massive trees crashed &pcann see thru it kitchen mass of trees" vo. mcclary's son says his ather was watthing tv arrund 9 pm last night when he heard an inccedible boom. it was sandy toppliig treee, crushing the roof innthree &pdiiferent placcs. wter is pouring thru light fixtures now . to gets the trees off the mcclarys will need crane, but after calling fivee & onns a
as foond guilty of using $800 in state money to pay an employee in her law firm. she alss pleaded no contest to using campaign money to pay wedding expenses baltimore mayor sttphanie rawlings blake speaks out today.. after citt prosecutors decide not to charge an officer suspected of helping to cover up the shooting of a child. ccild. keith daniels streaminn live at city hall story you saw first on fox.. ////////////////////keith/////// //////// jeff and jennifer.... mayor stephanie rawlings blake reminded us today.. that officer john ward is still on admiiistrative leave.. desppie tte city state's attorneyys office decissin to not charge him wiih any crime. ////////////////////vo////////// ////// 3&p rosecutors made the decision in august.. but after we called following up on the innestigation. in a statement.. prosecutorr say simply..ttere's insufficient against ward. the officer was under investigation following the march shooting &pdeath of 13-year-old monae turnage. ward, who's out the eastern district,,was suspended when policc found the gun that killed the girl
the all just before ten o'clock sunday night.they tell us she is a runaway....áhas been sinne with police, although they're not releasing thooe details. this comes s other families aar burying teenagers.19- year- old randy owens was killed last week in west &ppaltimore..wens liied in east baltimore.late last mooth, 199 year- old nana mensah f randallstown wassshot and killed whiie sitting in a parked car in southwwet baltimore.police don't believe any of the cases are related. they are, however, hitting the neighborhood here to see if anybody saw whaa appened sunday night. donny moses, baatimore pd: 26.10 "she does have a bit of a history witt teebaltimore police department and the don't believe hat this was a robbery.. detectivvs say harrod's purse and ooher personal itemsswere left attthe scene.anybody who might havv any information surroundinggher death is urged to call baltimore city police. liie in north baltimore, paul gessler, fox45 neww at 5:30. a maryland lawmaker has plead &pfor paying an employee in her law office 800 dollars in campaign money to pay for wedding expensss.
with a democratic senator named ben. by getting bwi-marshall funding for new runways, he's helping us serve 21 million passengers a year, which helps keep 100,000 jobs that depend on the airport, and that means more cargo for more businesses and more skycaps unloading more taxis... welcome to bwi. ...carrying families with more luggage. thanks. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approve this message. hurricane sandy is beariig down on fforiia.... dumping rain...and kicking up waves.... even plaaes like directly nnherrpaah... are nt choppy water.winds...and theestorm is moving north at thii hour.... threateniig to week.he east coaat early next - meteerologist emily gracey is tracking its path.....emilyy the rain and the rain and high wind mean flooding as sandy makes just areas along the coast floooing places in our area.. are bracing for the worse. worse. keiih daniels, liie in bowleys quarterr where storms hhve hit hard...keith. &p ///////////////////keith//////// //////// //////////////////vo//////////// 3 & 3 3
themmon fllihts. some told us they wwrerustrated, though, w out sunday, i did ttke extra loohes, ecause i thought, 'oh, i might nnt be coming back.' and, i was right. pit wasnnt until like 18 hours got the wordd 'your flight has 'oh, crap, nnw what do w do?' hillary hachey, baltimore: heboo aer afrnooeerstttan" clear skies here. we'vv been awayyfor ore than a month, and it's time to get home." virginia mith, mississipi i'm ready for some nnrmalcy. - gesslerr porter: "back here bwi, a spokesperson says this itheet es thc-btok blizzards of 2010 ty had these types of cancellations. &pthere is noodamage, however, to repprt here. live from bwi, 5:30." clean up continues in dearea 3it was double the damage for in bethesda... a hollow red ay - maple crashed into their car parked out all more thhn 4 zen roads in montmerycc wse rl fllodwaters. couuty officals are saayng are still on, but some ""'m worried the ground is really wet and there are lots of big trees and 'm afraiit &ppilllcome down and we'll stil be out for 5 days like we usually are." are." sylsubbrbs, h
county. almost two dozen arrests were made in the edgewooo area. residents are relieved and tell us theegang boom boom i thought it was somebodyybreekinn intt my home but it was a rive by tomorrow, police have scheduled a news conffrence tt reveal more details about how thee shut down the dangerous drug operation. you may eventually see an addee surcharrg on your bill. it's justtone recommendations of aguberntorial task force....xaminingwhat can be done to reduce the lengthof those power outagessin major storms. john rydeel has o'malley... in annapolis... annapolis... (rydell) "the summer derecho...not only tte summee (rydell) "(rydell) "the summer derecco...not only causee millionsderecho...not only the summer derecho...not only caused hundreds of thousands in the dark...some... for up o a week. ow a gubernatorial task unveiling bg.e. can better prepare forr major storrs. one proposal...impose a monthly surcharge on all b.g.e.the added revenuu...would be used to expand maintenance pperations...from mo tree burying more power lines nnerground.
tonight.janice aak tells us, identified the three officers involved in the deatt f anthony anderson. janice? the officers have been identiiied as tood strohman, gregg boyd, and michael vodarick.when it comes sttohman, he's a deccrated officer...who was shot in he line of duty here in 2010...on north calvert street.september 21st...police inntially said anderson in a drug deal.but anderson's family say he wass beat by autopsy giien to the family this week, revealed that anderson died of plunt ffrce trauma...and his pomicide. 3&"this s a situaaion we've never eeperienced before commiisioner batts met with involved, and he ddd release that report to tte family this week" ppoice tell us ttat the baltimooe police homicide investiiation.and t wwll be up to the states' attorney on janice park...fox45 news at 5:30. a reisterstown man is charged with kidnnpping his roomate... who's also his coworker at the parroll county salvagg company. company. police say justin gorham accused his coworker of ooerpaying ffr a loaa of scrap petal by 2 thousand doollrs... and demanded he pay him back. w
fire companies were shht down this publii safety could be put at r. riik."i don't want to use this the ssme band. nor do i want - to play god and pretend to have a crystallbaal to have the aaility to ee the future and say theecompanies thatt this outcome any better what - i belieee is a non-argguble piiy ffrr departtent is doing thin."more with fewwr 3 a third fire company that was staying open - indefintiely. the mayor announced ast weee 3&the chief diversity officer gallaudet unnverssty finds hersell in he middle of aa heated controversy after sse signs er name to a petition 3p but... as... kattlee cairns... rrports...//, pro... and... anti gay... &pmarriage groups.../ aae angry... over... how the pniversity's...// administrrtors.../ are... pandling the case. "gallaudet univ iverritt officer haa been placed on paid administrative leave.. tt happened after she sigged a petitiin involving tte same ssx marriage issue"gallludet campus that caters to the deaf and hearing impaired. when the uniiersity's diverrity officerangela mccaskill signed a ppti
... from his home .../ and... traded it ...with another student ... for... an... x-box. "it took us a while to find the gun, thats the answer. we had information the gun was somewhere off school property, &ppinning that weapon." 3&police found the guu... in th backyard of the hhme... where the boys made the trade...///.the... gun pwwee ...will not ace charges,.../// 3 following two gunnrelated incidents in schools... taking actions into their own hands. chief jjm johnssn and county executive kevin kkmeeetz havv issued a new gun--ock distriiution program.they are calling on all guu owners to sscure their wwapons.. "folksswe need you to lock your weaponn, we need you to they have access to thesee eaao" be distributing up to 3 safety gun locks for free at all police tations. yyu only haae pp-g... county police... need... your helpp say... rrbbed ...two university of maryland... students..../ and... tried susppct... was captured... in these... ssrveillance ppotos...//... police say... p on... baltimore avenue ...ii... college park ..../ that... hospital.../ . - b
'ssgeneral maaaaer used to manage the yankees.and really - the connections between these teams go way back -- rrmember babe ruth???so let's just hope that year --- it's baltimore's turn to mage some magic - and go down n the right side of from camden yards - melinda roeder - fox 45 news att5:30. a mannfrom elltonn dies innconnecticut when he highway while trying to help a - stranded motorist.police saa 83- year- old richard herron was trying to help a woman whose s-u-v had rolled over. herron jumped over the center median of intersttte 84 to avoid a tractor trailer. auuhorities say herron probably did not realize there was a large drop. a terrifying scene on i-95. a b-m-w was found dangling off the interstate near washinggon boulevard. the car was on a roll baak truck when a crash caused it to slide least 3 vehicle were involved in the accident. crews worked quickly to try to placc the car back on the roadway. "i believe from what i heaad an 18-wheeler crashed into a pass the bridge the car did and it ended up probably like 50-feet back justt anging from " there."no on
about where ii mighh go. it could be used for hacking they got your inforrationn you could be giving a family memmer social security or something and bam information." the mta will pe posting siins inside buses whhch alert riders that video killing his grandparents is ith- now back in maryland. 31-year-old matthew long was extraaited from oklahoma yesttrdaa anddis now being &pcounts oo first degree murder investigators say longgused a knife and dumbbells tookill &phis grandparents... vaughn an mmrjorie pepper... last month inside their pikesville home. the nexx day - auttorities found long unresponsive inside an oklahoma motel... from an 45299personnel at the hotel called oklahoma authorities responded nd he was taken tt notified 38hen ourragencyywas - 38investigators say they ad improved tt interviiw hhm and bring him back tt maryland. so a motive in the illings. a... bbltimmre county man... is... senttnccdd.. to life in prisonn.. ffr... randdllstown... / a... teenage ggrl dead.. 33 at... liierty and chapee--dale police say... ryan mclean... and... e
.the alleged courier has been sent back to guatemmla and is banned from returning to tte u-s for at least five years.thhs is the kind this month. an owings mills man is being hhld at the baltimore ounty detentton center....accused f sexually abusing two teenage spring.anttony cottle is facing charges incluuing sexual abuse offa minor andd second degree assault.police said ooe of the 23-year-ood's abuse.according to the teen, it happened this pass may while cottle was staying with his fammly.cottle aaso once wwrkee for the baltiiore county fire epartment.poliie believe there may be more victims and are asking anyone with information to call the 3 in a rare interview d-c sniper lle boyd malvo describes himself as monster while he apologizes for what he did. did. it'll be ten years tomorrow ... since malvo and their three week killing spree that terrorized our region. 13 people were ambushed 10 &ppeople were killed. here's what malvo had to say from prison regarding his remorse. malvo audio: 'm sorrr (0:39): i am sorry. i am sorry. and it soundsa& there is no way to express, there is no
...crime numbers loo... aa... well key indicator... used to iiennify... persistantly... dangerous schools... in 23:12:57 i think we ssoull &preport crimee of violence assaults weapons to the baltimore city police also so we ave a better handle on what is going on in some oo our schools. :10 :100 the director ...of... safety for baltimore city schools ...says... / crime... s not... beiig... coverrd up... by the use... of... in-house referrals..../// the f-d-a is now investigating an enerry drink company after the death of a maryland teenage. teenager.mmnster neegy is yeaa- old anais fournier of hagerstown.she drank two 24- ounce drinks, but also ad a heart condition.a spokesperson are unaware of any deaths ey related to theirrdrinks.the f-d-a is inveetigating the possibility the drink could be linked to five other deaths. mike gimbel, substance abusee &peducator: 4.45 "there are hunddeds that are out there thattfit the same the same damage and problems to any chiid who was drinkiig them."wendy crossland, mother: heart was still breathinn. got her on the floor and her heart had stopped
) "we don't need board of 15 peoole telling us what kinds of treatments we shouud have...." president obama showee something elle..... leading in the pplls....was (12:42:44) (john dddde) pthe only tting his handlers have to say is, hey, your job's on the line...." ass thee prepare for thhir second debbte, analyyts say the pressdent ust find a way to appear tough....but not too tough. (9:20) (riiharr pa too angry if he looks like think it can look like he's paniiky....and its not good foo a pesident to look panicky.; so the queetion is can he tweek his behavior behaviir." 12:47:33)) (john dedie) (fridays libyy bbn) "what eeneeds to do ya know, lookkright at the person and look likeeyou have all the empathy and care in the world for ttat one person." the second debate will &pbe styled like atown hall meeting. where ndecided voters will fill the hall and questions bout the economy are expected.... (12:40:04) "romney's greattst strrngth is the eccnomm. sommtimes when hee talks about foreign affairss he's had ome problems." for presiddnt obama....thhs co
may know them please pick the phone up and all pleaae help us get justice for our have decided to release pictures of hese possible &psussects... police will only is right. 21:58:444the fact that it ii the one year anniversary of thii case that beiig offered areejuss reward &pdifferent elementt of ttis case. an unsolved murder case....ttat tonight leaves this family torn apart. breast canccr awarennss event. that was oneeof the reasons his mother was in piik todayy joy lepooa fox 45 news at 5:30. an... anne arundel ccunty... police &pis... suspeeded..../capt. ... errc hodge ...ii nowwthe target ...of a state investigation.../.its ... .unclear... what the probe's... aboutt.../ . but... the saae prosecutors... misconduct case ... john ecutive... leoppld....////odge... &p been on the forcee.. for 16 yeaas. sex abuse allegattons within g theebbo scouts of america - includd dozens of caaes here in marrland. myrandaastephens is here with the numbers... and he response from local peaaers. oot of more ttan 12-hundred within the boo scouts of america
"forbes magazinee... ranked baltimore... átheá... 7th most dangerous city.... in... the u-s...//. phe magazine.... stats... in 2011.../ numbbr one... for the... . - whill... most violent crimes ...fell.... 10-perrent last yyaa.../ the... rate ...was sttll... á5 timesá... the... national average...///. somm... p other cities... on the list... nclude saint louis.../ oakland, california... memppis, tennessee... / ann birmingham, alabaaa. 98 rocks d-j... "stash" pleaded guilty today o charges of ddiving drunk. stash has been sentenced to 6 months in the harford county detention enter.... aater he caused a 3 car crash at rrute 24 near i-99 that sent 5 people to the hospital in &pjuly. sttsh was fired from 98 rock after more than 20-years drinking a "four lko" at the time of the ccident. jury selection... began oddy.... in... p--g county.../ in... the trial... of... a former f-b-i agent.. aacused... &pof... a car crash... that killed... an... 18- yeaa- old adrian johnson... 3 as... drunk.... and... speeding.../ when... he... rashed his car... in
. same--ex marriage...gets a big endrosement from the n-double-a-c-p. p.buu as john ryyell tellss us...that'sreeindled a debbte over whether theeaw is a matter of civii leaders...of the n- &pquustion....abouttquustion 6. they saa... it will provide... equal... prottction....forall marylanders. at a news conference in baltimorethis afttrnooo.... n- double-a-c-pleaders... formally endorsed...quustion same--excouupes...the rrght to "discriminatory." some sttte lawmakers.....isag reeethey's not n-double-a-c-p leaders... ddsagree. (jealous) "people wiiliig to &pcivil rights issue, a matttr of civil law, civillmarriage." marriage."(burns) "the its on." not wortt the 6 delegate emmett burns...who is believes...that ii he"rrffses" to marry...a gay couppe...he john ydell, fox 44 neww at 5:30. casino operators hoping to -&b hall today.ity vissted city ceasers, who wwn tte right to buiid a casino in theecity last summer, were at citt hall taaing questions during the prommses the group made is to hire as many city resiients as possibll, joossthey say would be more plen
. issueeis whether bussnesses in the state can operate video gaming machines that use the internet t simulate slots. players cash prizes.. so aa, nnwish operators aren't paying taxes on them. but poliie and public officials say they're prohibited under marylaad's paming laws... because they're bbsically slot machines. <"they''e not ddfferent. it's the saae results. you invest money and ou get gain nd it's a gamble."> the operator offa bingo hall in southwest baltimmre has filed suit in an effort to keep his mmchines. a court hearing is schedule for thursday. 3 they've been practicing behind thescenessfor days.but tomorrow nighh...presideet obama...and mitt romney finally squure off in tteir first televised debate. debate.the president holds a small lead overromney ii many polls.and that's whyyone llcal says that debate is so bothh andidates. 3&p(kromer) "at this point n time, it's obama's to lose, so romneyys behind in the polls, he'' ehind ii a lot of the major swing states that republicans have to win likk peeds to ccme out, and romnee need
going to tell to dettr anyone from doing it contacced us detailed how she was beaten in city school and had to fight to get a police rrport regarding tteeincidentt by keeping crime reports to a minimum,,school's look safer and also avoid being placed on the statees persistantly dangerous list. again, he &pmayyr saying sheewantssto sit downnwith the ceo and board membbrs to ffrther diicuss he lepola fox 45 news pt 5:30. a... glen burnie man... issarrested ... after... police say... e forced hhs way... into an apaatment.../ and... kidnapped ...a woman. woman.charles wayne rogers... isscharged with... attemmted murder...//.pplice... say... he on... rose while... everyone... was n bed...///.they... say... rogers threw... a... molotoo cocktail... into the bee... before kidnappinn theewoman ... at knifepoint.../. the... molotov ccokkail... p did not ignite.../. pollce... found theepair... hiding in a woods... near... corkran middle school,...// &parrested.. county businesses ... were... raided... be... police... and....ffderal raid happened... around 10 a
for betsher and for the property on kolb a ake realtoo is using images of miller's property listinn.. and is contact iiforration for bogus rentaa aas n craigslist. theescam includes.. telling people they can't get the keys to the property until they send oney. according to millerr one &pwoman sent the fake realtor $- thousandddollars, theefirst 3 months rent and deposit. keys. that's what tippedd piller to he sccm...... /////////////////sot//////////// //// (miller) "they evennwent to theeextent of going on tax recorrs, finding the owner's name..created a yahoo accountt pith his name.. and then started trading eeails with &ppeople.." miller and his company have butthe says they're contiiuing &pto pop up on other sites. so, tonight a warning. miller says.. don't send money to anyone up front. and he says.. there shhuld always be sooeone available o meet you at the property.. with the keys. live in overlea.. 5-30. properties owned by a non- profit with deep ties to the city are being foreelosed. it assooiation received more than a million dollars in grant mone
- latest as hhrricann sandy poves into it's oysternomics 101. you start with a u.s. senator named ben. by helping restore thousands of acres of oyster beds, he kept hundreds of oystermen on the job... which keeps wholesalers in business... and that means more delivery companies... making deliveries to more restaurants... which hire more workers. and that means more oystermen. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approved this message. i've always been lucky. flew 37 bombing missions over germany. made it home every time. i'm lucky to have good friends who are all still around, and we're all lucky to have a friend named ben. ben's protected our medicare and veterans' benefits. and he's helping my 13 grandchildren afford college. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i'm honored to approve this message. i've always been lucky. flew 37 bombing missions over germany. made it home every time. i'm lucky to have good friends who are all still around, and we're all lucky to have a friend name
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